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    TOUCH OUD is a unisex fragrance that leans more masculine, but a woman with a strong personality can easily wear this with confidence. It is ideal for men and women who enjoy a clean fresh opening of citrus and lemon notes. This fragrance is invigorating, zesty and will energize your day.

    The heart of this fragrance is infused with a lavender note that gives off a strong, charismatic, and intensely botanical aroma. It is paired with other florals to create a powdery soft and calming experience. Vanilla adds a touch of sweetness which is creamy, warm, comforting, and also slightly exotic.

    In the dry down, this fragrance becomes much deeper and denser with underlying woody and earthy accords. Agarwood is the prominent note, and has an aroma of 'natural' oud, making it distinctively irresistible and attractive with bitter sweet and woody nuances. The frankincense will entice you with its aromatic, slightly resinous, smoky, citrusy, and peppery accords. There are still hints of citrus in the base, but it is overpowered by oud, TOUCH OUD an excellent choice for individuals with bold personalities, and want a fragrance that compliments who they are.

    TOUCH OUDH is part of Ahmed Al Maghribi Discovery Set 3, you can try it along with several other great parfums in that category.

    Gender Profile: Unisex (leans Masculine / Citrus, Spicy and Woody)

    Olfactory Information:

    • Top note: Citrus, Lemon
    • Middle note: Flower, Lavender, Vanilla
    • Base note: Woody, Agarwood, Frankincess