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  • Swiss Arabian Oud Sample Kits (Experience Our Oriental Perfume Creations)

    We understand how hard it is to try something new, especially when its a blind-buy or when there are so many Oriental Fragrance options to choose from. To make your exploration of our exotic perfume creations easier, we are now offering a variety of distinct Swiss Arabian's Sample Kits;

    Inside each discovery set collection, you'll find numerous samples of some of our most sought-after fragrances, oud wood perfumes, arabian attar, incense and bakhoors. Choose your favorite, and then take a journey through our exclusive and exotic creations.

    Oriental Fragrances Are Genderless

    For long, perfume fell into two camps: male or female; where female perfumes would tease the nostrils with flowers on the edge of the woods, while male fragrances would compel you deeper into the forest with woody and musky odors. With Swiss Arabian Perfumes, however, fragrances go beyond gender. While many male and female fragrances tend to play it safe, focusing on floral or woody scents, gender-neutral fragrance has expanded the boundaries of fragrances.

    Sample Kits to Consider

    The Journey Of Swiss Arabian Perfumes

    The journey of the Swiss Arabian brand, from its inception to a multinational perfume giant, is a long and inspirational one. The brand was established in the U.A.E Dubai, back in 1974. Swiss Arabian is first perfume manufacturing company to be set up in the U.A.E and was a collaboration with Swiss perfume giant, Givaudan Roure.

    35 Million Perfumes. 80 Countries.

    The extraordinary heights that the brand has reached, is seen in the facts and figures. Today, Swiss Arabian operates five ultra-modern manufacturing facilities spread across a total area of 165,000 sq. ft., to produce a more than 35 million perfumes annually that are exported to over 80 countries across the globe.

    Stepping into the Future

    Even with the remarkable success it has achieved, the brand is not one to rest on its laurels. Swiss Arabian still is dynamic even today. Constantly evolving and reinventing itself, it offers the best quality of products and services to its customers.

    Bringing you some of the finest scents and Arabian attar perfumes at sensible prices.